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How to Humidity-Proof your Beauty Routine

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Here in Far North Queensland, the glorious sunshine is one of the main reasons we love this beautiful part of the world, and what makes living by the sea an absolute dream. The weather is hot, sometimes very hot. The sky is often the most beautiful blue you’ve ever seen and there isn’t a cloud to be found. The only downside, well, you get a little sweaty when you do anything energetic, like reading a book.

The humidity can be very high, which affects alot more things than you may first imagine.



  1. the state or quality of being humid.

    • a quantity representing the amount of water vapour in the atmosphere


In terms of your beauty routine, the humidity here in Airlie Beach means we need to think about how we are looking after our skin and the products we use. In terms of the treatments here at The Beauty Room, the humidity here affects many of them, mainly;

-Skincare (and Makeup)

-Lash Extensions


Skincare and Humidity

So, humidity is the amount of water vapor held in the air. High humidity comes with warmer temperatures - but our skin likes balance, so either low or high humidity can throw it out of whack.

Periods of high humidity will often result in increased sebum production and sweat, which can lead to clogged pores and breakouts.

In humid weather, the pores of the skin are more likely to open or become enlarged which makes the skin more sensitive to gathering more dirt, oil, toxins and pollution from the environment. If you already suffer from acne, then you will need to take extra care during summer that you try and keep your skin as cool and clean as possible.

Cleansing your skin twice a day, every day, is KEY (a double cleanse in the evening is also a treat for your skin ).

During the day, staying away from long-wear foundations or non-water-based SPF formulas will help your skin, as these products won't allow any perspiration to come to the surface and could potentially block pores and cause congestion.

Oily Skin? Try adding products with salicylic acid, even if you have combination skin, this will help exfoliate and clear out any dirt and bacteria that cleansing alone can't reach. And for all skin types, weekly exfoliation is essential to get rid of the top layer of dead, dull skin that builds up thanks to extra sweat.

It is important to remember, that it is really healthy to sweat as long as we stay hydrated. Rule number 1 is to make sure you're drinking enough fluids, including ones with electrolytes, to keep your body balanced.

When we sweat, our sweat contains salt and water, which evaporates and can actually act to dehydrate the skin. Without proper hydration your skin will produce more sebum to compensate for the dryness and this can lead to breakouts and irritation.

So, moisturising is still a really important step in your routine (a lighter, oil-free moisturiser can be ideal in summer time).

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Makeup and Humidity

Make up has a habit of going walk-about in super humid conditions, a couple of ways to combat this:

1) Use primer - a good quality primer will help your makeup stay put (use after your morning cleanse and moisturiser, before your foundation/consealer

2) Setting spray is your friend - Mattifying setting sprays are perfect in this environment, alternatively translucent/pressed powders can help stop your look from fading

3) Water resistant mascara - this holds up better than regular mascara, but isn't a nightmare to remove like waterPROOF mascara can be (or have them tinted for even less work day to day)

4) Try changing your heavy foundation to a more breathable and lighter altnerative, such as a sheer tint to allow your skin to sweat and breath a little easier

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Lash Extensions and Humidity

It's a common belief that eyelash extensions don't last quite as long in humid enviroments - which would be true if we didn't adapt our methods. Mainly, the adhesive (glue) which is used needs to be one specifically for humid enviroments to get the most our of your lashes.

Eyelash extension adhesives need moisture and heat to set properly - with a standard ideal temperateure being the low 20s - now we all know that thats a chilly winter day here in Airlie Beach is higher than that! So an adhesive with a higher optimal temperaure is what we use to achieve lash longevity!

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Spray tanning and Humidity

Obviously getting a spray tan while its raining has its obvious downsides - but humdity can cause issues too.

Try arrive at least 10-15 minutes before your spray tan if its really hot outside, so that your body can cool down before you get bronzed. That way we will not be spraying a damp skin - this will affect how well the tan will bind.

After tanning stay in the cool as long as possible to allow your tan to set - going outside into super humid conditions if you have to walk far will cause you to sweat, which will affect the tan in the same way it would if you got rained on and it will run. Just a few minutes of time to dry will make a big difference.

Humidity in the winter months is still high enough for us have to consider how this affects our beauty routine. We can’t help but sweat and have to remember this is good for your skin, clearing out pores and washing away toxins. All great benefits, unless you tend to be oily or break out, in which case take note of the tips above to keep your skin healthy and glowing!

For bookings and enquiries call 0448160702

The Beauty Room Team xo

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