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Cosmetic Tattooing at The Beauty Room Airlie Beach

Which Brow is Right for Me?

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Should they be twins, sisters or maybe sometimes they end up as distant cousins...drawing on your eyebrows can be tricky and doesn't always go to plan. While some of us have mastered the art (it might take a while!), semi-permeant makeup is the answer we have all been searching for. Ready made brows to wake up to everyday, crafted by The Beauty Room Owner/all round brow queen Jessica.

'Cosmetic Tattooing and 'Semi-Permenant Make Up' are increasingly popular across the globe, and for great reason! Eyebrow tattooing is the most comprehensive, transforming our facial features by framing the face...theres a good reason why they say eyebrows are so important!

There is no ‘one size fits all', we design your new brows around your features, skin tone, existing brows and desired outcome . The results are immediate and can last up to two years. But the question is..which brow is right for you?

Which brow is right for me?

There are various different names given to the styles and techniques that can be used to create the perfect brow. But simply, there are the 2 main techniques, using a blade (microblading/featherstroke) vs using a machine (powder brow/shading/ombre).

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Also known as featherstroke, micro feathering, feather touch brows and feather tattoo eyebrows. This technique uses a precise blade to create the look of individual hairs, to fill in sparse brows. This method gives a very natural finish, enhancing the existing brow. This means this isn't the best technique when it comes to cover up / correction brows - one of the other techniques will be for you!


As the name suggests, this technique combines the featherstroke technique and shading, giving a hybrid result with hair strokes and shading. This technique is great for adding density to the brow!

Ombrè Shading

Also known as powder brows, using a machine where shading is lighter at the front and darker through the end of the brow. This is the best technique for cover-ups, giving a finished, make-up look.

The powder brow technique can be used throughout the whole brow to create a full, defined brow via the application of thousands of tiny dots of pigment, inserted into the skin, gradually building up a colour and a defined shape.

Not sure you're ready to jump into the world of eyebrow tattooing? We can book you in for a consultation with Jess where she will chat through the options and styles best suited to you, mapped out on your face so you can see what a new set of brows will really look like.

(Correction / reconstruction work is also one of Jess' specialities)

Head to our instagram page to see different examples of Jess' work.

Call us on 0448160702 for bookings and enquiries.

The Beauty Room xo

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